What do we do?

Our purpose is to provide leadership to the hunting and shooting industry in Canada. Our efforts focus on promoting the value of hunting and shooting as heritage activities.  Our members are committed to the safe, responsible and ethical use of their products and services.  

We are the industry’s interface with the legislators who make laws that govern our heritage shooting sports. Many politicians want our industry shut down and we need to protect our vested interests.

We also remind Canadians that firearms and archery sport shooting are heritage endeavours with a rich and dignified history. Families that engage in shooting sports are no different than families who populate hockey arenas and soccer fields. Shooting sports brings families and friends closer together to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We are the only association in Canada that provide manufacturers, distributors and retailers with access to:

  • Information

    Information that directly affects the bottom line

  • Leadership

    Leadership to address the industry’s growing challenges

  • Opportunities

    Opportunities to network and meet with key industry representatives

  • Data

    Data, information, trends and training opportunities

  • Recognition

    Recognition for industry leaders who demonstrate commitment to the CSAAA mission

  • Promotion

    Promotion of hunting and shooting as a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada