Government of Canada lifts ban on CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles

Ottawa, July 31, 2015-Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney has made good on his promise to de-prohibit the CZ-858 and Swiss Arms series of rifles.

After many years of being sold in Canada as non-restricted firearms the RCMP suddenly changed the FRT category of the firearms without warning, leaving thousands of Canadians with prohibited firearms in their possession. Minister Blaney was quick to respond,announcing an amnesty on possession to prevent unsuspecting Canadians from falling into criminality. He also vowed to reverse the decision and restore these common firearms to their rightful status.

There were no provisions in the Firearms Act to override the God powers claimed by the RCMP. To right this unacceptable lack of accountability, Bill C-42 was written with provisions to permit the Cabinet the power to reverse this bad decision. For many years the Cabinet has had the power to restrict and prohibit, but not the opposite. C-42 simply completes the rightful authority of the Parliament of Canada.

The CSAAA was pleased. Government Affairs Director Tony Bernardo said,"Canadians elect the House of Commons to create the law of the land, not the RCMP. The thought of police agencies creating laws should give every thinking Canadian cold shivers."

He added, "Once again, Minister Steven Blaney has proven to be a man of his word. Prime Minister Harper should be justifiably proud of the hard work and integrity this Minister has displayed. The members of the CSAAA and all responsible and trustworthy firearms owners and retailers in Canada thank the Minister for fulfilling his promise."

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