April 17, 2018 Brent Lucas

Ontario CFO puts plan in place to reduce transfer wait times

Good news for Ontario firearms retailers! The Ontario Chief Firearms Office has confirmed the office has taken steps to address the backlog of transfers for restricted purchases.

After receiving numerous reports from Ontario retailers that delays in the processing of transfer requests were resulting in up to 25% cancellations of purchases, the CSAAA wrote the Ontario CFO asking for concrete action to stop the revenue losses. The CSAAA’s letter was tabled at a management meeting last week and on Friday, a spokesperson for the CFO confirmed an action plan is now being implemented.

Starting on Thursday, April 19, the CFO will essentially shut down all other services and put “all hands” on the job of processing transfers. The “all-day, all-hands” initiative will continue for one day per week until the backlog is cleared.

The office confirmed they are struggling with budget and staffing issues resulting from an operating budget that hasn’t increased in 10 years.

While the CSAAA expressed appreciation for the response to the current transfer issue; we have ongoing concerns about the CFO’s ability to handle the additional duties that will fall to the service if Bill C-71 is passed as written. It’s not clear at this point if any of the $325M in funding announced by the Liberal Government to fight gangs and gun crime will be going to the Provincial CFOs despite the fact that they will have increased demands under the proposed legislation.

For more information, contact:

Ontario Chief Firearms Office


[email protected]

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Comments (3)

  1. Vic

    I have been a long time registered restricted firearms owner and as of now I have been waiting a month and a half for a transfer release of a firearm

  2. Jason

    I purchased a restricted firearm on May 4 2020 and it was submitted to the Ontario CFO on May 5. It is now July 17 and rolling up on 11 weeks later still waiting!

    This is ridiculous and unacceptable!

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