For three decades, the CSAAA has provided leadership and a strong voice on behalf of the hunting and sport shooting industry in Canada. We promote our members’ commitment to the legal sales of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and hunting and sport shooting accessories. We support and promote hunting and sport shooting as legitimate, socially beneficial sporting activities and our business owners as meaningful contributors to their local and our national economies.

Vision Statement

To attain industry stability through self-regulation.

Mission Statement

To promote and protect the legal rights of manufacturers, importers, resellers and stakeholders in the Canadian shooting sports industry.


Board of Directors:


Wes Winkel
Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods


Craig McNab
Upper Canada Sports


Jason Beuermann
Coonhound Sales + Marketing

Board Members:

Pedro Bonifacio
Stoeger Canada

Kyle Carruthers
Graywood Sporting Group

Linda Conley

Steve Corlett
VISTA Outdoor

Tyler Cuppy
Drake Sales

Craig Jones

Terry McCullough
Savage Arms

Adam Patterson
Korth Group

Gilles Stubbins
Mossberg (Canada)

Donald Turcott
The Evans Group

The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA) was incorporated in June of 1973 as a not for profit corporation. The mission at the time was to promote the industry as a whole through its trade show, monitor government involvement through advocacy in Ottawa and directing its activities to areas that impact our everyday business, such as legislation, cross-border shopping, international mail-order houses, duties & taxes, free trade and many others as well as responding to the everyday concerns of responsible business owners in this country and more importantly, proving its members with a strong industry voice.

Canadian Shooting Sports Foundation was an arm of the CSAAA and was dedicated to the promotion of the shooting sports. The Foundation funded commercials, posters to support lobbying campaigns. Public awareness posters created through the auspices of the Foundation attracted lots of attention, both at the government and public level back in the early 1990s. This Foundation also funded Clubs and Associations, Championships and Fairs across the country. This initiative of the CSAAA was dissolved in October of 2014.

A Canadian industry trade show has been held at least once a year from inception. Golf tournaments were also successful fundraising event held in the 1990’s. CSAAA is one of the primary hosts and sponsors of the highly successful Parliamentary Day at the Range, an annual education experience designed to enlighten our political leaders and their staff to the joys of target shooting and firearms ownership. It also co sponsors evenings at Queens Park and the Parliament in Ottawa to enlighten members of Parliament of our ongoing issues and concerns. Firearms control issues, importing/export laws and an unfettered business climate are just as important today as they were decades ago. The CSAAA meets those challenges daily on behalf of Canada’s shooting industry.

The CSAAA is actively involved in all federal legislation that could impact its members’ ability to carry out normal, profitable business operations. It maintains a professional lobbyist and full-time managing director to facilitate ongoing oversight of and response to new or changes legislation and regulations. The CSAAA actively supports the bi-partisan Outdoor Caucus and serves as a key advisor to this group in addition to co-sponsoring events for Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Parliament. The CSAAA maintains close working relationships with its U.S. counterpart, The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI), as well as many domestic organizations representing hunters and sport shooters.