August 19th Import Ban The “handgun import ban” came into effect on August 19th at 12:01 am. Registration applications for […]
“This temporary ban means that individuals & businesses will no longer be able to import handguns into Canada. These restrictions […]
Since May 18th, firearm businesses have been forced to rely on an unreliable system to simply sell legal firearms to […]
We ask that our members continue to contact us at [email protected] if they experience any issues with the RCMP Business […]
Canada puts in place temporary handgun import ban From: Global Affairs Canada News release August 05, 2022 – Toronto, Ontario […]
CSAAA’s Year in Review Our Annual General Meeting and 2022 Board of Directors elections were held on July 7th. Thank […]
Wow. May was yet again a notable and unfortunate month for the Canadian firearm history books. On May 18th, Bill […]
CFO Brochure – Executors and Heirs: What To Do With Firearms   – How to handle unwanted firearms – Firearm […]