Paul Simms

Paul Simms stands as an emblem of enduring dedication and unwavering commitment within the hunting and firearm industry, earning him the esteemed title of a 2024 Western Industry Legend recipient. With a career in our industry spanning back to 1977, Paul’s journey through the intricate landscape of this specialized field has been marked by steadfast perseverance and profound contributions.

For nearly a decade, he honed his expertise at Redl Sports Distributors, where he not only gained invaluable experience but also laid the groundwork for his enduring legacy. Paul continued to make his mark at Coast to Coast, further solidifying his reputation as a stalwart figure in the industry.

In 2001, Paul Simms assumed the position of owner and operator at Westcan Marketing, based in Calgary, Alberta. This pivotal moment marked not just a career progression, but a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership. Under his stewardship, Westcan Marketing thrived, becoming a beacon of excellence and innovation within the industry.

A true luminary in his field, he has dedicated decades of his life to advancing the cause of hunting and firearms through voluntary efforts. His commitment to organizations such as the British Columbia Trapshooting Association and the Alberta Sporting Clays Association underscores his passion for promoting and enhancing these cherished sports. Through his tireless advocacy and selfless service, Paul has left an indelible imprint on the fabric of these communities.

Paul Simms’ enduring legacy is not merely defined by his professional achievements, but by the profound impact he has had on those around him. It is this remarkable combination of expertise and dedication that makes him a truly deserving recipient of the CSAAA Industry Legends Award.

As Paul receives this well-deserved honour, it serves not only as a celebration of his remarkable accomplishments but also as a testament to the enduring spirit of passion and perseverance that defines the hunting and firearm industry. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations, serving as a guiding light for those who follow in his footsteps.