VEXSL Your Responsible Transportation Solution

Shipping is a growing issue for the firearm industry. VEXSL – Veteran Express Secure Logistics is a reliable, secure, firearm friendly currier service. VEXSL is a company made up of military veterans, first responders and cargo/freight logistics specialists focusing on delivering secured physical and digital, quality assured, end-to-end ground & air transportation logistics solutions. VEXSL and CSAAA would like to ask the public and industry for their support by completing a quick survey and submitting a signature of support along with location, size of business and frequency of shipments (if applicable). This information and signature of support will help VEXSL to rapidly expand its service network and have Secure-Ship Centers opened across the country, helping firearm and ammunition retailers solve many of their shipping roadblocks. TAKE SURVEY NOW
  • The firearms & ammunition industry only has limited solutions to ship firearms & ammunition and firearms parts
  • Canada Post is 100% crown owned which may pose an issue if the federal government shuts down shipping these items direct to consumer through this medium
  • 90% of items sold are shipped to consumer
  • Parcels are being damaged, stolen or lost at an alarming rate
• VEXSL is developing out a network of Secure-Ship centers with lockers systems to offer direct B2c and C2C engagement • VEXSL handles all packages form pickup to delivery and shipments never cross with general freight carriers • All shipments track climate exposure and chain of custody data throughout the supply chain journey and send that information to the blockchain for true and immutable ledger • VEXSL network is serviced by Military Veterans, First responders and civilians who are active in the sport shooting and hunting industries • Peace of mind knowing mission critical parcels or pallets will be delivered. • All Secure-Ship locker systems are extremely easy to use and are tailored to service odd shaped items such as rifles. • All shipping is discrete and information of shipper and receiver is maintained internally and not for public purview. • A percentage of funds from each shipment is rolled back into mental health initiatives for Military Veterans and First responders at the community level.