Why your business should be a part of the CSAAA:

Since 1973, the CSAAA has provided leadership and a strong voice on behalf of the hunting and sport shooting industry in Canada. We promote our members’ commitment to the legal sales of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and hunting and sport shooting accessories. We support and promote hunting and sport shooting as legitimate, socially beneficial sporting activities and our business owners as meaningful contributors to their local and national economies.

The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association is made up of a volunteer board of industry stakeholders and experts and we also fund a full-time Managing Director and Registered Lobbyist.

Vision Statement

To attain industry stability through self-regulation.

Mission Statement

To promote and protect the legal rights of manufacturers, importers, resellers and stakeholders in the Canadian shooting sports industry.


Support an organization that has industry focused initiatives and programs. (including our battle to better Canada’s firearm and ammunition shipping services, work to promote gunsmithing as a legitimate trade in Canada, and much more)


We lobby against bad policy that impedes business operations for our hunting and firearm industry members.


Receive news, updates and regular communication through our members only newsletter. Communication from our members is always opened and encouraged and we are always here to offer our support.


CSAAA covers your Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) membership. CFIB offers business-specific services, savings, resources and support. Click Here to see the list of savings and resources CSAAA/CFIB members can take advantage of.


Receive a CSAAA storefront window sticker by mail and our downloadable media kit to use as a proud supporter of CSAAA on your web pages.


Free access to our industry specific Canada wide trade shows and events. Contact Us for dates and locations of our next trade show!


Free access to our industry-specific, interactive webinars, industry meetings and virtual presentations.


Become a part of our national network that influences government actions. CSAAA always ensures that our industry has a seat at the table when firearm regulations are being discussed at a parliamentary level. CSAAA offers extensive knowledge, and a great understanding of the firearm laws, regulations, and culture in Canada with a level, open mind. We have the technical expertise to assist in drafting reasonable, workable, and enforceable policies that will not penalize Canada’s businesses and lawful citizens.

Communication with our members is always open and encouraged and we are always here to offer our support to you and your business.


CSAAA memberships are open to manufacturers, media, associations, business individuals, retailers, distributors and other businesses in the firearm and hunting  industry