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The following response from the Canadian Firearms Program is being sent out in response to inquiries about the classification of 10/22 magazines. It’s clear from the response there has been no new bulletin issued, but rather the R.C.M.P. is stating this is merely an implementation/enforcement of Bulletin No. 72 issued in March, 2011 and modified in September, 2013 .
The R.C.M.P is claiming that Bulletin No. 72 makes clear that all 10/22 magazines can be used in either a rifle or pistol and therefore must be modified to limit it to 10 rounds regardless of the intention of the manufacturer or importer. This, despite the fact that the regulation reads:
“Magazines designed to contain rimfire cartridges and designed or manufactured for use in a rifle do not have a regulated capacity.”
In Canada, it’s clear the magazines are being manufactured, imported and marketed in Canada for use in rifles, and therefore not subject to the 10-round limit for pistols. In its response below the R.C.M.P. states:
“Whether the magazine is intended by the importer to be used in a rifle is not relevant to the classification determination.”
The Board of Directors of the CSAAA are meeting today to explore action. Please stand by for updates.
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