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At today’s SECU Committee meeting, two motions were passed that include additional recommendations to the Government in connection to Bill C-71.  These recommendations are not part of the Bill, but are related to the development of regulations and the implementation of the Bill.  While the recommendations touched on several areas, three are specifically likely to impact firearms business owners.

Scrutiny of large and unusual firearms transactions
That, as raised by the Toronto police and other stakeholders, the Government study mechanisms to identify large and unusual firearms transactions, especially those involving restricted and prohibited guns, to better identify illicit straw purchasing schemes, gang activity, or trafficking operations; and

Scrutiny of after-hours commercial storage
That, at the suggestion of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians and other stakeholders, the Government of Canada examine the effectiveness and appropriateness of current individual firearms storage regulations as well as after-hours commercial storage regulations.

Restrictions on advertising
That, at the suggestion of PolySeSouvient, the Government of Canada examine whether it is reasonable for commercial firearms manufacturers to promote the sales of their wares, namely restricted and prohibited weapons, in a manner that particularly glorifies violence and simulates warfare.

If the Government accepts these recommendations, business owners should expect increased scrutiny/inspections in these areas as the Minister’s staff and Law Enforcement conduct their research.  The Minister will be asked to deliver the research back to the Government and they will want evidence to back up additional regulations.  Business owners should be vigilant in their compliance to current regulations in these areas.

Many of you are already experiencing something similar to this: the CSAAA believes the increased tracing requests from the R.C.M.P. are an ongoing study to justify a new marking regulation expected to be added to Bill C-71 as a technical amendment.

To listen to today’s SECU Committee meeting, click on the link below.
Parlvu: SECU Committee Hearing Bill C-71

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