Armalytics keeping track of FRT Updates

Armalytics.ca has become the go-to resource for keeping track of changes to the FRT and offers a searchable database that allows business owners and consumers to search any or all firearms affected by the OIC firearms ban.   CSAAA has been extremely grateful for the work Armalytics has been doing for us as we continue to battle this latest attack on our industry.

Zak Whittamore is the creator and developer of the site. Whittamore has a background in data and analytics.  As a firearms enthusiast he wanted to ensure that the firearms community had the ability to explore and track the public version of the Firearms Reference Table in a meaningful way. Whittamore says he will be working to improve the functionality of the site and hopes to release a French version in the near future.

Armalytics is a non-commercial project that accepts donations to help pay for hosting and other services used to operate the site.

CSAAA urges anyone in the business community to reach out to [email protected] if they require any assistance in searching the public FRT or have a special request.  And remember to donate!



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