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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CSAAA Business Members,

You may have recently received a request from your provincial CFO office asking you to register to have your business license upgraded to allow you to perform restricted/prohibited deactivations (sample letter included below).
It is our belief at this time that this program is part of the Government’s efforts to build out the OIC buy-back and/or OIC grandfathering programs.  You should be aware that your enrollment/participation in the program could be used to show that firearms businesses are ready to participate in OIC Gun Ban.  By enrolling in this program, you could be identified and promoted as a business where firearms owners can bring their now prohibited firearms for deactivation or in the future as a drop off location for those wishing to participate in the buy-back program.
The CSAAA has requested clarification on this project from the Government and are awaiting a response. While the CSAAA cannot direct you in your business operations, we thought it important to know that we were not consulted on this initiative, nor did we agree to or recommend this process.  There are currently only 78 businesses licenced to deactivate restricted and prohibited firearms in Canada, many of them are CSAAA members.  This presents a significant obstacle for the Government to the collection and deactivation of OIC prohibited firearms and we believe this is why they have launched this accelerated program to add restricted and prohibited deactivation to as many firearms businesses as possible.
Again, we are providing this information for your awareness, not to direct you in your business operations. We will share any additional information as it becomes available.


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