New Bill C-21 re-introduces many elements of former Bill C-21, adds enhancements, removes non-permissive storage (to make buyback of prohibited assault-style firearms mandatory) and municipal handgun restrictions, and adds new provisions.

CSAAA has gone to our contacts at the Canadian Firearms Program with outstanding questions and concerns. We will keep our business members updated.

Click Here to follow the progress of Bill C-21.

The Bill contains two measures to prevent most licensed individuals with a firearms license from buying, selling or transferring handguns.

CFOs would be prevented from approving the transfer of a handgun to most individuals unless they are exempt. The exemption includes law enforcement and “elite” sports shooters recognized by the Olympics and Paralympics.

Businesses could continue to sell to other businesses (e.g., movie/entertainment, museums) and exempted individuals and export these firearms.
Compensation will not be offered to businesses with handguns in their inventory if this Bill passes. Again, businesses may export the firearms or sell these firearms to another business or exempt individual.

Legal imports of these firearms will continue until this Bill gets passed… if it gets passed.

CSAAA is discussing these regulations and what they mean for licensed Canadian firearm businesses further with Public Safety and presenting our many questions and concerns.

We will offer clarity on the magazine capacity restrictions, other firearms being added to the OIC, airsoft and replica firearm ownership/sales/use changes and more as soon as possible.

Members are encouraged to email Jenn at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Please see details on “Bill C-21: An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments.” below.

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