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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Meet your 2022 Board of Directors Candidates. Voting is open until 5 PM EST on July 7th. All candidates will have the opportunity
to speak at our AGM on July 7th at 1 PM EST. If you have not received your voter card, need to make a correction, or have not recieved your AGM registration link by email, please contact [email protected]. You must be a CSAAA member to vote. Click Here to renew or check your membership or become a member today.

Running For: Vice President

Adam Patterson
Korth Group – Alberta

I am Adam Patterson, Marketing Manager at Korth Group Ltd, based in Okotoks, AB. I started in this industry in 2008 at a large retailer in Ontario. In 2011, I moved on national distribution, servicing dealers across the country in a variety of roles, from sales and marketing to procurement and warranty.

I also had the great fortune to be a CSAAA board member from 2014 to 2020. During my tenure, we created the fulltime role of Managing Director, where I was a member of the hiring committee. The CSAAA has experienced more growth and direct lobbying access to our Federal Government in the last 8 years then ever before.

As VP, I will provide a professional voice and representation to Western Canada, work to aid the CSAAA President with Government relations and media engagement, and continue to work towards regulatory autonomy for our industry. Thank you.

Ryan Harriman

The Ammo Source – Ontario

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Running For: Director of Manufacturing

Matthew Phelan

Savage Arms – Ontario

My name is Mathew Phelan. I am 28 years old. I am currently employed with Savage Arms in Lakefield as the Senior Gunsmith for Canada. I have worked in the industry since 2017 and served as a Gunner in the Artillery Core before that. I am married and my wife’s family has deep roots within the industry. They own Easthill Outdoors. I am an avid outdoorsman that enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors.

Ryan Joyner

Maple Ridge Armoury – Ontario

Ryan Joyner has been a proud member of the Canadian Firearms Industry for 13 years holding positions in Logistics, Sales, and Management before starting his own company, Victory Ridge Sports Distribution Inc. in 2014. Victory Ridge Sports is a vertically integrated Canadian firearms company with divisions in retail, eCommerce, import and export, domestic wholesale distribution and manufacturing of rifles and firearm performance parts under the brand, Maple Ridge Armoury. Ryan’s past experience includes service with the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves as an Intelligence Operator from 2011-2016 and Regional Management of a Private Security and Private Investigation company. Ryan is an avid outdoorsman engaged in rifle and bow hunting, sport fishing, backpacking, overlanding, skiing and snowmobiling. Ryan presently resides in North Vancouver, BC with his wife and two children but makes frequent trips to Southern Ontario to oversee Ontario based divisions of his company and visit with friends and industry members.

Chloe Patoine-Danylo

CamPro – Quebec

My name is Chloé Patoine-Danylo, I am one of the owners of CamPro and board member of the company.  CamPro is a family business, well known in Canada and abroad for manufacturing of quality bullets since 1995.

I’m involved in the administration since 2006, my main duties are : accounting manager, purchasing manager and marketing manager.  With my responsibility, I must among other things manage the import and export paperwork and logistic, manage the marketing vision of the company, manage the European warehouse (CamPro Europe), participate in the commercial development of the company and participate to tradeshow internationally.

I am not personally an active shooter, but active within our industry. I have a lot of connections, I am a skilled administrator, well aware of most regulation in Canada and aboard, but above all I love every aspect of our industry and want to do more.

As industry I believe we need more acknowledgements from our governments, and I want to help the CSAAA to be heard.

Running For: Director at Large

Adam Caruana

AmChar Canada – Quebec

I have been a member of the Canadian firearms industry for the past ten years, and a member of the firearms community itself, my entire life. I started working in the industry as a Range Safety Officer, escorting new shooters out onto the range, often for the first time, supervising members, and maintaining a high level of safety. I quickly worked my way up to Lead Range Officer and Instructor, a position that I greatly enjoyed, and one that was incredibly rewarding. Endeavoring to continue advancing, I moved on to work with Funker Tactical, a digital media production house that worked in both the US and Canadian firearm communities. With Funker, I had the opportunity to travel the globe, work with top tier instructors from numerous fields and support tier one units with training and coaching. After a year of travel and time away from family, I decided to seek a more staple position within the industry and joined with FOC, where I became the Retail Manager. Beginning with four members and a small storefront, we grew to be on of Canada’s top firearm retailers. During my time at FOC, I had the pleasure to be involved in every aspect of the business. From sales to shipping, inventory to ordering, warranty and everything in between, and I was able to get an incredible overview of the entire industry. During my time there, I organized numerous community events, had the honour to speak in front of the Senate Committee on Bill C-71, and be a critical member of the team that created TACCOM. Continuing my career, I decided to step into the distributor side of the industry and became the Canadian Sales Rep for AmChar Canada, where I currently work today, doing the utmost to support Canada’s awesome dealer network.

Throughout my career, I have always championed the need for a unified industry, a community working towards a common goal and an elevation in the way in which we represent ourselves, our businesses, and our industry to Canadians at large. I have participated in numerous news interviews, documentaries, and have always tanke advantage of any opportunity to represent my community, professionally to the rest of Canada.

I am also currently an Instructor in Training with Project Mapleseed, and the Clubs Director for the Canadian University Shooting Federation. In the role of Director at Large with the CSAAA, it is my intention to continue to push for the unification of our community, professional representation of our industry, and help usher in a culture of professionalism with regard to business standards and best practices. We are standing at a precipice currently, and I will do whatever I can to ensure that Canadians can enjoy firearm ownership for years, and years to come.

I thank you for your nomination, support, friendship, and I am proud to call myself a member of the Canadian Firearm Community.

Kindly, Adam

Craig Jones

Wanstalls – British Columbia

coming soon

Justin Faulkner

The Gun Dealer – New Brunswick

coming soon

Tyler Cuppy

Drake Sales Agent – Ontario

coming soon

Brent Buckley

Savage Arms – Ontario

Hunting and recreational shooting has been and is today, a big part of my family life. Since a young age, I have had early experiences with my great grandfathers Cooey, to my father passing down one of his Glenfield rifles. Shooting sports has always been a passion for me. I know the importance of striving to become more accurate every trip to the range and will apply that same approach to this CSAAA Board appointment.

Academically & Professionally: I have an Advanced Diploma in Operations & Supply Chain Management from Durham College and currently hold the Sr. Material Planner position as key member of Savage Arms Canada Supply Chain team.

Robin Coward

Bullets & Broadheads – Alberta

Having been raised in the Peace River Valley in Alberta Robin Coward learned to hunt, trap and fish at a very young age. Robin started working in the sporting goods world in 1988 at the Downtown Sport Shop in his hometown. He had always dreamed of having his own sporting goods store and successfully accomplished this when he and his wife opened Bullets n Broadheads shooting center. One of Canadas largest independent sporting retail and recreational facilities.

Robin has always liked giving back to his communities by volunteering as a scout leader, Vice president of his students association in college and most recently sitting as a director on the Board for Alberta finance minister Travis Toews. Robin also likes to spend time in the woods or on the water with his wife Linley and 3 children and working as a professional hunting guide.

Having been politically active since college Robin has made many connections both provincially and federally which will be a great asset to any organization.

Brian Green

General Gun – Ontario

coming soon

Dave Fuller

N.A.S. Guns & Ammo – Ontario

coming soon

Ken Thiessen

Vortex Canada – Ontario

I have worked within the firearms industry over the last 11 years and have had the experience of not only working the retail side but also managing one of the largest firearms stores in Canada before making the move to work with the team at Vortex Canada. Given my technical background and experience, I have become known as a subject matter expert in the field of long range shooting.

I am an avid hunter and competitive shooter in many disciplines including pistol, carbine and rifles but my main focus has always been long range shooting.

While shooting competitively for over 12 years, I have been lucky enough to be very successful in the many long range rifle disciplines including being a member of the Canadian F Class team and was fortunate enough to help our team win a silver medal at the 2017 World Championships.

I have also been involved with many organizations over the years to help grow the shooting sports in Canada and I only hope I can continue to share my knowledge with everyone and help the industry grow stronger.

Craig McNab

Upper Canada Sports – Ontario

coming soon

Steven Arena

The Shooting Edge – Alberta

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