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When will the handgun freeze take effect?

It has been 31 days since the handgun freeze under OiC regulation was tabled. This means that the provisions under OiC, including the handgun freeze, can be implemented at any time.

We met with a SECU committee member and a Public Safety advisor today as we continue to keep communication open between the industry and politicians:

Although the handgun transfer freeze could technically come into force at any time, we are told it will not be implemented before at least the weekend. The administrative process has begun, and there is no exact implementation date yet, but this paperwork will not be finalized before at least the weekend. Keeping in mind that Public Safety would like to see this freeze occur as soon as possible.

We will be given some notice before the handgun transfer freeze takes force. 

It has been confirmed again that any initiated transfers will be processed as usual.

We raised concerns about the backlog at the CFO office, and we are waiting for confirmation on if and how firearms reserved for consumers waiting for their RPAL will be processed once the RPAL arrives as well as how transfers that were initiated before the freeze, but due to errors (typos, website issues, etc.) must be re-done and will be processed.

There is also a large backlog of applications for firearm classification downgrade certificates. We need assurance that downgrade applications submitted before these regulations take effect will still be processed, and Public Safety will look into how this can be done.

We are pushing for timely answers to the pending questions. Members are encouraged to contact us if there are any questions or concerns.

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