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It was reported on January 9th that P.E.I. would be a “pilot province” for the collection of firearms prohibited since May 2020. As of January 10th, Public Safety and P.E.I.’s chief firearms officer have confirmed that this is no longer the plan. There is currently no publicly available timeline or plan for how or when this project will commence.

The article originally published early this month that stated that the “buyback” or confiscation program would begin in P.E.I. was from an older drafted plan by the Trudeau government.

 “The Trudeau government initially planned to launch its controversial gun
buyback program in P.E.I. this year, starting its collection of newly-banned firearms in the province as a “pilot.”

 But as of Jan. 10, Public Safety Canada has confirmed to Saltwire Network
that the federal government no longer intends to launch a P.E.I. “pilot” of the gun buy-back program before other provinces.”

– The Guardian (Charlottetown)
January 12 2023

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