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The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA) is representing the interests of all licensed businesses with the Federal Buyback program for the May 2020 OIC-prohibited firearms. Our goal is to help negotiate for fair compensation and a simple process for our businesses struggling through this challenging regulatory environment.

The CSAAA will not be participating in any way with individually owned firearms.

The CSAAA remains skeptical as to the viability of this industry buyback program; due to positive changes in provincial legislation, the absence of Federal budgetary allocation, and lacking a concrete process of implementation.

The CSAAA will only be collecting data on inventory levels and values of that inventory from dealers/distributors that wish to provide this information. If a dealer/distributor is not sure how to determine the value of their inventory, we will assist with that as well. We are not collecting firearms from dealers, deactivating them or assisting in any other way.

We are not aware of where the number of 11,000 firearms came from as no data has been collected or provided to anyone at this time.

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