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Thank you to our volunteer board of directors for all of your hard work, mileage to meetings, resources, time, and much more donated to the industry over the past year.

2023 Election Results

  • Linda Conley – Bowmac Gunpar – ONTARIO      
  • Donald Turcott – The Evans Group – QUEBEC 
  • Monique Dean – Caroline Supplies – ALBERTA | WELCOME      
  • Amanda Oley – Oley’s Armoury – ONTARIO | WELCOME
  • Don Wills – Atlantic Guns & Gear – PEI | WELCOME


Thank you to our volunteer board of directors for all of your hard work, mileage to meetings, resources, time and much more donated to the industry over the past year.

2023 Election Results

* Linda Conley – Bowmac Gunpar – ONTARIO
* Donald Turcott – The Evans Group – QUEBEC
* Monique Dean – Caroline Supplies – ALBERTA | WELCOME
* Amanda Oley – Oley’s Armoury – ONTARIO | WELCOME
* Don Wills – Atlantic Guns & Gear – PEI | WELCOME

The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association comprises a member-elected, volunteer board of directors. These industry stakeholders are so passionate about the hunting and firearms industry that they donate countless hours and resources promoting and protecting these businesses. Many of our board member businesses are among the largest financial contributors to many of consumer organizations.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT | Wes Winkel : Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods

Over the past year, we maintained CSAAA’s voice of the hunting and firearm industry and its business members in Parliament, separate from but supportive of the voices of gun owners.

Our President, Wes Winkel of Ellwood Epps, appeared as a witness before the House of Commons to represent businesses to the committee studying Bill C-21.

Public awareness is crucial. The general public does not care about guns or hunting, but they should care about people’s livelihoods. That is why we have drastically increased our outreach to the general public by speaking in multiple interviews with major media outlets (radio, tv, and new article interviews) throughout the year. We will continue to educate the general public on the struggles and reality the hunting and firearm businesses and workers face.

Along with countless meetings and consultations with members of parliament, we also had the honor of attending the Burlington Public Safety Roundtable to represent the firearms and hunting industry with Mrs. Emily Brown, Burlington, Ontario Conservative Candidate and MP Mrs. Shannon Stubbs, Lakeland, Alberta.

CSAAA participated in the Conservative Hunting and Angling Caucus Parliamentary Symposium with angling, hunting, trapping and firearm stakeholders. We were proud to act as a voice for Canadian hunting and firearms businesses as we discussed and educated on our industry’s challenges with politicians and like-minded organizations and stakeholders. This level of communication is essential as we fight to save these businesses in a harsh political environment.

Our strong communications and credibility with members of parliament from all major parties proves to be beneficial to our board as we advocate for more workable and fair legislation, while actively monitor regulatory changes to help us better react, assist and inform the industry in adapting when necessary.

Our Replica Firearm Committee consisting of major airgun/airsoft industry stakeholders continued consulting closely with Airsoft In Canada (ASIC), major stakeholders in and all MPs and members of Senate actively involved in studying Bill C-21. We have contacted every single SECU member and MP involved in the Bill C-21 making sure that the industry has a seat at the table.

We maintained direct lines of communication and a positive professional relationship with our government service departments, including the R.C.M.P. firearms program, Global Affairs, CBSA, the U.S. Commercial Service/U.S. Embassy and the Public Safety staff. These contacts serve our industry regardless of who’s in power, but especially with opposition parties in power.

We have maintained constant communication with the RCMP, CFC and CFP members to quickly correct issues and outages in BWS and consult to better the services BWS offers to ease business with the new regulations. Please email Jenn at [email protected] with any Business Web Services or CFP issues.

We have more notable credibility and a stronger working relationship with CFOs. These relationships also allow us to rectify concerns and hurdles specific to our member’s businesses.

We have maintained active with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and their powerful lobbyists to support our industry members in their communications.

Remember: CSAAA covers the cost of our members’ CFIB membership, so you have access to all the small business benefits offered by CFIB without any additional cost to you. Contact Jenn if you direction on who to contact within CFIB for business specific issues.

CSAAA is continuing to improve our reach to be more inclusive to all regions of Canada, including Western Canada, Quebec and the Maritimes.

As this is crucial for businesses, we continued to advocate for better shipping services in Canada by working with stakeholders, Canada Post and new currier services to get ammunition and secure shipping covered Canada-wide, including to the rural and remote areas that are not receiving service. We also have members of parliament assisting with a political push for change on this issue.

Established a Federal contract and credibility to represent and support the Canadian firearm industry in any confiscation/compensation programs with support from the majority of the industry and Chief Firearm Officers, including Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We conducted quarterly member’s round table meetings to offer updates and address questions or concerns regarding changes in the business and firearms environment.


We will continue working with MPs in remote ridings, Canada Post, new courier opportunities and regulatory branches of the government to allow ammunition shipping services to all Canadians.

We continue to unite, grow, and support the industry and firearm community on a national level while ensuring inclusive coverage to businesses and organizations Canada-wide.

After consultation with members, we have decided to pause our tradeshows and introduce industry dinners with the awarding of the CSAAA Legends recognition. Stay tuned for details on our 2023 Ontario Dinner.

We continue to offer aid and consultation with all consumer groups while maintaining our separate, business focused initiatives, goals, and support.

We are working to improve our engagement and communication to members and offer consultation and transparency on any future projects.

Continue to support our members through day to day and big picture industry and regulatory changes and challenges while closely monitoring new legislation, regulations and challenges.

We will offer more information on prohibited firearm compensation when it is available to us. There has been no progression and no changes at this time.

CSAAA Legends Program

The new CSAAA Legends Program recognizes success and longevity within the hunting and firearms industry.

Any active CSAAA business member can submit nominations. Each member of the CSAAA Legends Committee shall do the scoring of each nominee. Scoring is based on years in the industry, business reach and industry activity.

The CSAAA Legends Committee consists of 4 members of the CSAAA Board of Directors with the chair of the committee being the CSAAA President. If a committee member is no longer on the board, the chair shall appoint a new member.

The committee shall induct a maximum of 2 legends to be awarded at each CSAAA Legends Dinner event with a max of 12 per year. Once nominated the nomination shall be deemed active for 10 years and may be re-nominated.

Click below for more information and to nominate:


Communications Report

Next Quarterly Members Roundtable:
Monday, September 18th | 1 PM EST
the link will be sent to your inbox

Our Canadian firearm and optics warrant resources:
Please email us if any changes or updates are needed.

The first CSAAA Legends Dinner is being held for late fall in Ontario! Full details will be offered shortly.

Thank you for your continued support with memberships, donations, consultations and promotion.

Bill C-21 Update

Bill C-21 passed second reading in Senate with 52 yays and 18 nays and moved to committee before the Senate rose until September, so we have our work cut out for us over their summer break. It still does not look as though Bill C-21 will pass before late fall at the earliest.

We’re continuing to communicate regularly (and more frequently now that Bill C-21 has hit the Senate) to offer information, our economic impact reports and member statements to all members. The CSAAA Replica Firearms Committee and CSAAA Board plan to consult with the members of the Senate that will study this Bill over their summer sitting break.

CSAAA has been submitted for consideration as a witness on C-21 in the Senate to represent the hunting and firearms industry.

Members are encouraged to email [email protected]
or text/call 705-875-2302 with industry/business questions or concerns.


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