The firearm confiscation program, as it was initially proposed, would have most likely been implemented through IBM, utilizing the initial “one price fits all” pricing model. However, thanks to the active involvement of CSAAA, several critical considerations have been brought to the forefront and our consultation and involvement has given us the opportunity to navigate this process and advocate for the best possible outcomes for businesses.

First and foremost, we have emphasized that the program must account for parts and accessories associated with firearms. It is vital to recognize that specific parts and accessories can become essentially valueless if the firearm itself is prohibited.

Furthermore, we want to assure our members that CSAAA will not impose any obligation on any business to provide information, firearms, data, or any other form of participation in this program if they do not wish to do so. We respect the autonomy and privacy of our members, and no information will be shared on behalf of any business without their explicit consent.

A portion of the funds have been released and strictly allocated to hire and support data collection staff. We want to clarify that there will be no cost to our membership, and no funds are being released to any CSAAA board members. These funds are exclusively designated for covering the program’s expenses and compensating the employees involved.

We would like to emphasize that, at this point, there is no set progression in the program, and no official start date has been established. We are committed to keeping our members informed throughout the process, ensuring transparency and clarity in all our actions going forward.

CSAAA remains dedicated to safeguarding the interests and rights of our members within the context of this firearm confiscation program. Your input and feedback are invaluable to us, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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