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Bill C-21 and what it means for businesses going forward:

Bill C-21 went to third reading in Senate and was quickly passed on December 14th with no amendments, reaching Royal Assent on Friday, December 15th.


The bill already enforced a prohibition on the transfer of handguns. This implies a restriction on buying, selling, or transferring handguns.

New Models of Firearms

Bill C-21 prohibits any new designs or models created after the Coming into Force Date that are centre-fire, semi-automatic, and originally designed for a detachable magazine and can hold six or more cartridges.

Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee

The Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee will be established to decide on the status of certain firearms already in circulation. It is crucial that this committee comprises individuals and groups with expertise in the industry, including industry stakeholders, firearm experts, and end-user consumer groups.

As we push to get a seat that committee, we emphasize that individuals or groups, such as victimsโ€™ groups, lacking an understanding of existing firearms, their mechanics, or function should not play a role in the CFAC.

Parts and Magazines

The Bill will require a valid firearms license before parts (such as barrels and slides) and magazines can be transferred. We have asked Public Safety for indication of when this will be enforced and to provide a list of exactly which parts will be included in this. Keep in mind that digital license revocation is, so a customer could have physical possession of their PAL/RPAL card even if it has been suspended. We will offer more information on this as it becomes available.

Computer Programming

Anyone with computer programming to manufacture any firearms will have to have a license to manufacture. We strongly encourage all gunsmiths to obtain their license to manufacture to avoid any complications. Please contact us for more information on this process.

Replica Firearms

Bill C-21 has not prohibited or otherwise changed the law governing mid-velocity BB guns, airsoft, pellet guns, etc.

Mid-velocity firearms such as BB guns, airsoft, pellet guns, etc are governed by different provisions of the Criminal Code.

The change made to the definition of replicas in the Criminal Code changes the standard against which replicas are to be identified.

Support For Business Web Services Outages

After constant persuasion the RCMP implemented a “๐ฌ๐ญ๐š๐ง๐๐›๐ฒ ๐ฉ๐ซ๐จ๐ญ๐จ๐œ๐จ๐ฅ” at the end of November. When there is a website outage or failure, an email will automatically be dispatched to all businesses directing them to call the call center until Shared Services Canada restores the website.

Within an hour of an outage, a Canadian Firearm Program representative will be available by phone to facilitate transfers.

This will be available on weekends, holidays and after regular call centre hours.

Please continue to report outages to [email protected] as we advocate for reliable service if we are to be subjected to these regulations.

Firearm Marking Regulations Extended to 2025

The implementation of the Firearm Marking Regulations has been deferred once again, with the new effective date set for December 1st, 2025. These regulations were set to come into force December 1st, 2023. These regulations propose that firearms be marked with unique identifiers upon import in addition to the existing serial numbers that already serve that purpose. CSAAA continues to consult with the Public Safety team on these unworkable and costly regulations.

Confiscation Program Update

We continue to lobby for fair compensation and a reasonable process for businesses subjected to this confiscation. This includes fair compensation for parts and components of the May 2020 OIC prohibited firearms. There are no further updates at this time, but we will keep members informed as updates become available in the New Year.

Next CSAAA Event – MAY 2024 : ALBERTA

Our next event will be held in Alberta.

We are finalizing a location for a display and play industry range day in May of 2024.

This will be followed by a Western Industry Legends Banquet. Please submit your nominations at

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