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CSAAA’s Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, June 17th. We want to thank everyone that attended and participated. For those that missed the meeting, please see the meeting minutes below. Contact Jenn at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

  • President’s Report
    • our year in review
    • our path moving forward
    • current initiatives
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Administrative Report

Call to Order – 1:03PM

Agenda – Kyle Carruthers, Linda Conley

2023 Minutes – Steve Corlett, Donald Turcott

President’s Report

Our year in review:

CSAAA continues to act as the voice of the sporting arms and hunting industry and it’s business members; separate from, but supportive of the voices of gun owners. We have maintained direct lines of communication and a positive professional relationship with government service departments, including the R.C.M.P., the Canadian Firearms Program, Global Affairs, CBSA, the U.S. Commercial Service/U.S. Embassy, public safety and legislators.

This communication serves our industry regardless of who’s in power.

CSAAA continues to grow its membership and board of directors on a national level so we can offer valuable support to businesses Canada-wide, as well be aware of all provincial issues impacting these businesses.

We are also working towards offering more industry events and support in all provinces across Canada.

We have maintained constant communication with the RCMP, CFC and CFP members to help quickly address and correct outages in the Business Web Services portal.

CSAAA has had the opportunity to help product a new “on call” protocol for outages. In the event of a website portal outage, an email will be dispatched to all businesses and an agent will be available by phone within’ the hour.

In December of 2023 CSAAA held its first Legends Awards Banquet in Toronto, Ontario – inducting John Mock, Kathy Troubridge and Steve Cuppy into the hall of fame.

In May of 2024 CSAAA held a Legends Awards Banquet in Stony Plain, Alberta – inducting Paul Simms, Dianne Harnois and Bob MacDonald into the hall of fame.

These banquets are paired with one of our main fundraising initiatives, a silent and live fundraiser auction.

CSAAA appeared before the Senate in November 2023 to speak on behalf of businesses across Canada impacted by Bill C-21.

We expressed how our industry makes a significant contribution to the Canadian economy, conservation efforts, and employment and how detrimental Bill C-21 is to our members.

We pointed out how deeply flawed Bill C-21 was, and how it required total abandonment or significant amendments. This Bill unfortunately passed through the house, and now we are helping businesses navigate through these challenging times.

“Bill C-21, as it stands, is a deeply flawed piece of legislation that necessitates either total abandonment or significant amendments.

Failure to do so could jeopardize an entire industry that Canada cannot afford to lose.”


Future & Current Regulations

ERD brought forward the first portion of regulatory amendments which came into force on May 22, 2024.

Regulations now require anyone purchasing propellant powder, which includes black and smokeless powder, to have either:

-A Possession and Acquisition Licence issued under the Firearms Act;
-A Public Agency Identification Number issued under the Firearms Act; or,
-A Fireworks Operator Certificate-Pyrotechnician issued under the Explosives Act.

The number of the firearms licence, the Public Agency Identification Number, or the number of the Fireworks Operator Certificate-Pyrotechnician must be recorded by the seller.

The second portion of amendments will clarify what businesses need to purchase powders/targets and should be available in late spring of 2025. In the meantime, ERD will consider a licence for individuals or for businesses, as an acceptable identification to purchase propellant powder.

CSAAA met with the Director General of Firearm Policy, again recently, and it is clear that there has not been a lot of progress on the Bill C-21 file. Public Safety still plans to enforce Bill C-21 in a phased approach and will continue to consult with CSAAA before these regulations are enforced and announced.

CSAAA continues to push for an avenue to facilitate handgun transfers, as are many firearm instructor organizations.

Going further public safety will ensure there is more time for consultation and questions before a phase or provision is implemented, while staying in communication with CSAAA.

The 30 by 30 movement is a UN initiative and is a part of this Liberal government’s platform (click here) to “protect” 30% of Canada’s land and water by the year 2030.

This is the size of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba combined.
While the definition of “protect” differs from area to area, it typically prohibits any access for both fishing and hunting.

This initiative is not currently science based and will be detrimental to hunters and anglers across Canada.

This will be devastating to our industry, and many other industries. It is important to stay actively informed on this movement, while educating and informing your consumers.

There has been minimal progress with the confiscation program currently.

CSAAA has consulted on behalf of businesses to ensure they receive the maximum possible compensation for firearms, parts and components impacted by the May 2020 OIC prohibition if they must relinquish those for compensation.

We will continue to act as consultants on behalf of the firearm industry, making sure there is full transparency for businesses, and that these businesses are treated fairly.

Firearms are still being added to this list. You can stay up to date on firearm classification at

Our path moving forward

CSAAA will continue to work with consumer groups while maintaining our separate, business focused initiatives, goals and support. We recognize the importance of each individual organization, and the common goals we share while protecting hunters, sports shooters and the industry.

As always, we will continue to find different ways to grow, unite and support the industry on a national level while ensuring inclusive coverage to businesses Canada wide.

Throughout the year, we will maintain our strong and constant communication with government officials so our business members can stay protected and informed. Hunting and firearm businesses always need a seat at the table when impactful policy is being discussed and formed.

Every year, we strive to improve and grow our industry events to make them as beneficial and valuable to businesses and their employees as possible.

Events are being planned Canada wide and we encourage our members to reach out with suggestions and requests to make these events even more successful.

We will continue to offer our quarterly member’s roundtables. These give members the opportunity to stay up to date on current and future regulations that concern them, CSAAA’s initiatives and events and it gives members the chance to ask questions or express any concerns. Our next member’s roundtable will be held on Monday, September 16th.

Please take a moment to view and complete our event feedback form below so we can ensure our events are suiting your business needs

Administrative Report

We maintain active with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and their powerful lobbyists to support our industry members in their communications.

CSAAA covers the cost of our members’ CFIB membership, so you have access to all the small business benefits offered by CFIB without any additional cost to you. CFIB has been a terrific ally lobbying for small businesses and support our members if they face any operational roadblocks.

We are developing informational material for retailers to offer their customers on the newer regulations and laws that impact them and their purchases.

CSAAA is also developing better ways of offering information to businesses on new regulations, laws and operational protocols.

We are working to make our events more appealing and successful for all of our members. Please fill out the survey above to help us do that!

Our next Legends Banquet will be held in Quebec for late 2024.

Nominations for Quebec Industry Legends are OPEN. Please
CLICK HERE to enter your nomination.

The Legends Award recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals that have set new standards of excellence in the hunting and firearm industry.

We have five promising candidates running for Director at Large for the 2024-2027 term. There are three positions open.

Kyle Carruthers | Graywood Sporting Group | ONTARIO

Kyle Carruthers is a dedicated Principal at Graywood Sporting Group, bringing over 15 years of experience in the outdoor industry with six of those years being a very active and passionate Director on the CSAAA board as well as many other sub committees on the board. With a lifelong commitment for the Shooting Sports Industry, Kyle is looking to use his skill sets to help preserve our sporting and hunting passions for future generations to come. Kyle is a big believer in uniting the industry and working towards the common goal of protecting our Manufactures, Distributors, Agents and Dealers so our industry can prosper in a safe and professional manner.

Warren Pickard | Cariboo Outdoor | ALBERTA

I have 25 years in the Hunting and Fishing industry and have experience in all levels from working at retail, as a manufacturer representative and in wholesale distribution. I am currently a Managing Partner for Cariboo Outdoor Distributors and we represent and distribute most of the major brands in shooting sports, hunting, fishing, camping and the outdoors. Easy to say. I love this industry. The people, the experiences and the always expanding ability to continue to learn. I look forward to bringing experience and mentorship and to be a voice for our industry.

Ryan Stern | Westcan Marketing | BRITISH COLUMBIA

I am currently a partner with the Westcan Marketing Team covering the British Columbia market. We are proud to represent such iconic brands as the Kinetic Group of Companies, Revelyst Outdoors and Savage Firearms. I have been an active participant in this industry going on 25 plus years which includes time at retail, wholesale distribution, and now as a Manufacturer

Representative. This has allowed me to make many great contacts within our market.

I look forward to the opportunity to give back to an industry that has been very good to my family. I enjoy mentoring and welcoming newcomers to our sport and market, as I was extremely fortunate to receive this from numerous Industry Professionals before me at all levels.

Trevor Williams | Shooter’s Choice | ONTARIO

Hello everyone, My name is Trevor. I have been in the firearms industry for 22 years. I started at the age of 16 as a basic sales person. I have been sales person, a shipper, a manager and now I am a General Manager all for Shooter’s Choice. I’m a licensed club level handgun instructor, a licensed Range Safety Officer (RSO) and currently the treasure and secretary of my local club. I am an avid hunter and sport shooter. I am also the member of 3 of my local clubs and volunteer my time as much as humanly possible. I am a husband and a father of 2 boys that i hope one day will grow to enjoy this heritage/sport and industry as much as i have. I’m looking to join the board as a voice for local business and support the distributors and manufactures in our day to day fight with government regulations. I am easy to approach and happy to answer any questions.

Jeff Normand | Northern Exposure Sporting Group | MANITOBA

Jeff Normand is a dedicated Regional Manager at Northern Exposure Sporting Group, bringing over two years of experience in the outdoor industry. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors, Jeff is an avid hunter and Métis harvester. His commitment to community involvement is evident through his six-year tenure as Director of Operations on the Board of Directors for the Hi Neighbor Festival in Winnipeg. Jeff’s diverse background and love for nature make him a valuable asset in promoting outdoor activities and conservation efforts.


You must be an active CSAAA member to vote.

Steve Corlett | The Kinetic Group

Steve Corlett has relocated outside of Canada, and after 15 years on the CSAAA Board of Directors, Steve will not be seeking re-election.

Steve has been an incredible asset to our organization and our industry, always offering a strong voice and constructive input into our initiatives and industry concerns.

Steve was a very active and engaged member of CSAAA’s board, offering input and assistance on everything from political issues to our industry events and more.

On behalf of the entire board, thank you for your time and dedication, Steve.

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