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CALL TO ACTION: Letter Writing Campaign to Senate

Bill C-21 passed second reading in Senate with 52 yays and 18 nays and moved to committee before the Senate rose until September, so we have our work cut out for us over their summer break. It still does not look like Bill C-21 will pass before late fall at the earliest. Canadians have the summer to contact members of Senate studying Bill C-21 and speak out against it.

We call on all hunting and firearm stores and gun ranges to offer a “letter writing station” to help their customers and staff politely and factually voice their concerns about Bill C-21, the handgun freeze and the new classification changes that will prohibit all future semiautomatic hunting and sporting arms.

Set up a table or link on your website offering template letters, pens, envelopes and a list of members of SECD to contact concerning these unjust and harmful firearm regulations. Advertise this initiative on your social pages, website, in-store and around your community for less tech-reliant citizens.

( CLICK HERE for the list of SECD members studying Bill C-21)

[Name of senator]
the Senate of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A4

( CLICK HERE for more information on Bill C-21)

Licensed and regulated firearm businesses and owners endure continuous attacks from our government, leaving us in a constant state of uncertainty. 
There is absolutely no benefit to prohibiting the already highly vetted and regulated businesses and citizens from continuing Canada’s healthy hunting and firearm culture. Canadians have to come together and stand up against ineffective and destructive legislation.

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