Shipping Ammunition With Purolator

If your business is experiencing roadblocks with shipping ammunition within’ Canada, through Purolator the information below will help get you set up. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

CSAAA recognizes that Canada Post shipping would currently be our only way to send ammunition Canada wide and we continue to work with Canada Post, Transport Canada and our politicial contacts to get Canada Post to accept ammunition shipments.

How to Ship Ammunition via Purolator with Proper Documentation

If you need to ship ammunition via Purolator, it’s crucial to follow safety regulations and provide the necessary documentation.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

  1. Confirm Ground Shipping: Ammunition can only be shipped by ground with Purolator. Ensure that your shipment method is set to ground transport.
  2. Check Eligibility: Before proceeding, confirm that the destination address is eligible for shipping dangerous goods. If you don’t see an option to label the shipment as “dangerous goods” when filling out the online shipping form, it may not be possible to send ammunition to that address.
  3. Weight Restrictions: Each box of ammunition must weigh under 5kg, and the entire shipment should weigh under 30kg. Make sure your ammunition is appropriately packed to meet these weight requirements.
  4. Request Dangerous Goods Account:

Send an email to  [email protected] requesting an account that allows you to ship dangerous goods. Some businesses might initially receive responses stating they are ineligible, but it’s essential to emphasize the legitimate need for this service, especially if similar businesses in Canada are using Purolator for ammunition shipments.

  1. Receive Dangerous Goods Service Intake Form:

After your request is processed, you will receive a Dangerous Goods Service Intake Form via email.  Open and review this document.

  1. UN Numbers:

Identify the UN numbers for the ammunition components you plan to ship.

In your case, UN0012 is for Ammunition, and UN0044 is for Primers.

Prepare Documentation:

The Dangerous Goods representative may request additional documents and photos, including: MSDS forms for all items you intend to ship.
This includes forms for Cartridges – Centerfire ( linked here), Cartridges – Rimfire ( linked here), and Primers ( linked here).

Proof of your Dangerous Goods Shipping Certification. Ensure that you have completed Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) training.

Photos of the packages ready to be sent, both inside and outside of the box/package. Make sure the packaging is secure, and avoid using paper tape or wrapping.

Ensure that the label is properly affixed to the package to prevent loss. Use new labels that are at least 50mm in size.


Use the appropriate labels as required:

For Explosives 1.4, use the Explosives 1.4 label ( provided in the link).

For blank dangerous goods labels, use the BLANK dangerous goods labels ( provided in the link).

  1. Submission:
  • Complete the Dangerous Goods Service Intake Form as per the instructions and provide all requested documents and photos.
  1. Review and Compliance:
  • Ensure that all documentation is accurate, complete, and complies with the regulations for shipping dangerous goods.
  1. Submission to Purolator:
  • Submit the intake form and accompanying documents to Purolator as instructed by your Dangerous Goods representative.
  1. Wait for Approval: Allow some time for Purolator to process and approve your request. Once approved, you will be able to ship ammunition via Purolator with the required documentation.