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To protect the 4500 small businesses and 48,000 jobs that make up the sporting arms industry in Canada, the CSAAA is asking the next government to:

  1. Repeal Bill C-71 and instead address the root causes of gun crime and provide law enforcement with the tools needed to crack down on illegal firearms activity;
  2. Work with industry, Canada’s sport shooting associations and our athletes to recognize sport shooting and better understand the firearms used for sport shooting;
  3. Work with industry to re-write the Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation by the end of 2019 and close this file by its coming-into-effect date of December 1st 2020 to prevent further business disruption and protect public safety;
  4. Establish structured guidelines to the firearms classification process that respects industry and provides for an appropriate appeal process
  5. Ensure industry representation on the Firearms Advisory Committee to consider the economic impact of firearms policy and provide technical firearms expertise to the committee and government.

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