June 23, 2020 Brent Lucas

CSAAA 2020 Annual General Meeting

The CSAAA 2020 Annual General Meeting was held via online webinar on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020.  Please see the links below for a recording of the meeting as well as associated documents.

The results of the Board of Directors elections are as follows.  There were four (4) Director-at-Large positions open on the Board this year with six nominees standing for election.  Voting closed at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.  Newly-elected Directors will serve for three years (2020-2023).  CSAAA Board positions are volunteer positions.

Kyle Carruthers*, Graywood Sporting Group (ON) 9.8%

Linda Conley*, Bowmac Gunpar (ON) 16.7% – elected

Ryan Harriman, SFRC-TheAmmoSource.ca (ON) 12.7%

Matt Hipwell, Wolverine Supplies (MB) 18.6% – elected

Craig Jones*, Wanstalls Hunting and Shooting (BC) 16.7% – elected

Ian Mahler, O’Dell Engineering (ON) 11.8%

Adam Patterson*, Korth Group (AB) 13.7% – elected

Actions of the Board
Disagree – 3%
Agree – 70%
Abstain – 27%


CSAAA 2020 AGM Recording

CSAAA 2020 AGM Presentation

CSAAA 2019 Reviewed Financial Statements

CSAAA 2020 Q1 Management Report

CSAAA 2020 Budget_Draft