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Importing of AR-15 parts for commercial resale being held at border

Many importers are currently experiencing delays and denials by CBSA on imports of AR-15 parts.  CSAAA has been working with several business owners and Government departments to get to the bottom of the issue.  Here’s what we know so far:

  • Only AR-15 uppers and lowers have been specifically prohibited by the Order-in-Council ban of May 1st, 2020;
  • AR-15 parts (other than upper and lower receivers) are not currently prohibited in Canada;
  • The R.C.M.P. is not regulating AR-15 parts (other than the upper and lower receivers);
  • Global Affairs is using existing regulations to prevent AR-15 parts entry to Canada. Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has determined that, based on the technical characteristics of the items, the AR-15 parts are controlled under subsections 70(2) and 91(2) of Canada’s Import Control List. As such, an import permit issued by GAC is required in order for the items to enter Canada;
  • GAC normally only issues import permits for goods destined for a military, law enforcement, or movie/theatrical end-use and that imports for commercial resale are not normally approved;
  • It is not illegal to own, purchase or sell AR-15 parts (other than upper and lower receivers) already in Canada.

The CSAAA is working with our legal and Government advisors to address the situation and will provide further details as soon as they are available. 

The CSAAA cautions business owners not to initial new imports of AR-15 parts unless they have applied for and received an import permit from GAC in advance.  


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