It’s definitely not news that shipping has been a major hinderance on firearm and hunting businesses across Canada. (as well as Canadians in remote or rural areas!)
CSAAA has been working hard to come up with a better solution.
Here are the “fast facts” to bring everyone up to speed on where we are at…
– Most shipping companies in Canada outsource to Canada Post to get items to the rural and remote areas.
– Larger shipping companies have no incentive to ship products to rural or remote areas as it would not be profitable for them.
– Canpar halted shipping ammunition as they believed it was too risky.
– UPS will ship ammunition, but only to “Brown Truck” areas, (which are typically urban areas).
– Canada Post is not yet licensed to ship/carry ammunition. Canada Post’s union believes that shipping and handling ammunition is too risky and dangerous for their employees. Canada Post states “Bullets, cartridges and other ammunition are dangerous goods and cannot be shipped through the mail.”
– As Canada Post uses a lot of aircrafts to ship parcels, and ammunition cannot be shipped by air, this presents an even greater challenge for them.
– CSAAA was successful in getting the UN to allow smaller quantities of ammunition to be shipped to make shipping for businesses more appealing.
– CSAAA is lobbying with Canada Post to allow ammunition be shipped, as this is our best bet for national coverage.
– CSAAA is also in contact with Native Affairs Canada, as hunting is a human right for Indigenous Canadians and the inability to receive ammunition challenges these rights. Canadians living in these remote areas also often rely on firearms for personal defense against wildlife.
– Approximately 25% of the country cannot receive business-to-consumer ammunition shipments.
Please stay tuned. This will be a lengthy process, but we will provide updates as they become available.
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