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We teamed up with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,
and you now have full access to a powerful suite of member benefits.

CSAAA Members Automatically Become CFIB Members.

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Dedicated advisors
and resources to
help you run your business

• Free and unlimited access to
resources you need.
• Get expert advice from
dedicated business counsellors
in every province.
• Access to webinars and templates
on various business topics.
• Your one-stop shop for Covid,
compliance and HR issues,
or any other business related

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Exclusive discounts
for your business
with CFIB partners

• Save up to $5,000 per year on
payment processing, banking,
payroll, shipping, and more.
• Negotiating power of over
95,000 CFIB members.
• Work with trusted organizations.
• Free online courses with
VuBiz for business owners
and their employees.
• CFIB negotiators read the fine
print for you.


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A team of advocates
devoted to defending the
interests of your business

• Driving policy changes for
more than 50 years.
• A strong voice for a better
business environment.
• Countless victories,
i.e. lower taxes, less red tape,
fairer regulations, lower credit
card fees.
• Participate in CFIB surveys and
petitions to influence policies
that affect your business.


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