Your CFIB Membership

March 28, 2022
March 28, 2022 Jenn Gadbois

Your CFIB Membership

We teamed up with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,
and you now have full access to a powerful suite of member benefits.

CSAAA Members Automatically Become CFIB Members.

Dedicated advisors
and resources to
help you run your business

• Free and unlimited access to
resources you need.
• Get expert advice from
dedicated business counsellors
in every province.
• Access to webinars and templates
on various business topics.
• Your one-stop shop for Covid,
compliance and HR issues,
or any other business related

Exclusive discounts
for your business
with CFIB partners

• Save up to $5,000 per year on
payment processing, banking,
payroll, shipping, and more.
• Negotiating power of over
95,000 CFIB members.
• Work with trusted organizations.
• Free online courses with
VuBiz for business owners
and their employees.
• CFIB negotiators read the fine
print for you.


A team of advocates
devoted to defending the
interests of your business

• Driving policy changes for
more than 50 years.
• A strong voice for a better
business environment.
• Countless victories,
i.e. lower taxes, less red tape,
fairer regulations, lower credit
card fees.
• Participate in CFIB surveys and
petitions to influence policies
that affect your business.