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The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association has had regular communication with the Canadian Firearms Program task force and Public Safety.
We are voicing the industry’s concerns about the framework of this bill and explaining the many challenges and obstacles Bill C-71 will bring our industry and the consumers.
During a meeting on April 24th, we were informed that even though there is no set implementation date yet, the task force working on Bill C-71 would like to see it come info effect as soon as possible.
During this meeting, CSAAA has made CFP aware that sufficient time will be needed to allow our business members to adjust and prepare for these changes.
CSAAA made many inquiries about Bill C-71.
We have been offered the following information, with more to come:
– Businesses and individuals wishing to sell a firearm will have the option to obtain a buyers license through the web services portal.
This buyers license will be valid for 90 days and buyers will be able to purchase as many non restricted firearms as they please in this time period.
– The buyer and seller must be consistent for each buyers license.
If a buyer wishes to purchase firearms from two separate establishments, they must obtain two separate buyers licenses.
– If the buyers license is revoked in the 90 days, the buyer will be notified and asked to contact their CFO. Many of our members operating in rural and remote areas do not have access to high speed internet.
A phone in system will be in place for those that cannot conduct business online, but at this time, there is no plan to extend the call center’s hours of operation past their regular Monday to Friday 9 to 5.
CSAAA explained in great detail how this will present issues, as many of our members conduct quit a bit of business in the afternoons and weekends.
– Businesses will not be required to enter any firearm specific information when selling a non restricted firearm with this new system.
We will have more information and updates surrounding this shortly.
Please stay tuned.
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