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As of midnight on May 18th, businesses and individuals wishing to transfer/sell a non-restricted firearm will be required to obtain a “reference number” through the Business (or individual) Web Services.

The buyer will not be responsible for obtaining this reference number.

The call center will be available from 9am-5pm nationally as an alternative to the web services.

This reference number should be automatically generated if nothing is flagged through the buyer/transferee’s firearm license number.

The seller and buyer/transferee must remain consistent with each reference number. An additional reference number must be obtained if a buyer/transferee wishes to purchase a firearm from a different seller.

Reference numbers will be valid for a total of 90 days, unless revoked during that time period. The buyer will be notified and asked to contact their CFO if their reference number has been revoked.

Businesses will not be required to enter any firearm specific information when transferring a non-restricted firearm.

This reference number is required for firearms only, and will not be required for ammunition purchases.

CSAAA requested that a tutorial on this new system be made available for our industry members. We should expect to see this tutorial available as of Monday, May 16th. We will notify our members as soon as this tutorial is available.

We have made it clear to CFP and Public Safety that this system will not work for gun shows and trade shows. CSAAA suggested an “on demand” call center for such events. No such services are available at this time, but we will be following up on this.

Members are welcome to email, call or text if they require any further clarification.

CFP will be issuing a letter to firearm businesses and the CFOs by email and mail today reviewing the full business requirements for record keeping once Bill C71 comes into force on May 18th, 2022.


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