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Wednesday, May 24 2023

CSAAA Members Update

We continue working daily to rectify business hurdles, including licensing complications, shipments seized at CBSA, shipping, insurance, and service complications, BWS and transfer issues.

We are continuously consulting on behalf of the industry with the Outdoor Caucus, SECU and SECD, Public Safety and opposition members. Please feel free to contact CSAAA if you need more business support.

Bill C-21 Update:

– After receiving notice on Saturday, May 6th, about a motion to expand the scope of Bill C-21 and drastically limit the time in which SECU (the committee studying this Bill), CSAAA reached out to every MP, urging them to vote against this.

The motion passed to limit debate and expand the scope of Bill C-21. Bill C-21 will pass through to the Senate within the next two weeks. CSAAA continues to educate members of the Senate on the negative industry impacts of Bill C-21 and offers consultation on forming a more workable piece of legislation that does not impact lawful businesses.

– Reminder: any firearms that fit the definition below, manufactured after Bill C-21 becomes law will be prohibited. Firearms created before that time that meet the definition will be subject to review by CFAC by August 28th, as per the Public Safety Minister.

* a firearm that is not a handgun, and
* discharges ammunition in a semi-automatic manner, and
* was originally designed with a detachable magazine with a capacity of six cartridges or more

We have requested representation on the proposed advisory committee and the ability to consult on any future legislation and regulations related to Federal firearms policy.

It’s disappointing that the Federal government continues to misuse valuable resources attacking the legal firearms community. These resources would prove far more effective if directed toward enhancing youth programs, law enforcement budgets, and Canada Border Service initiatives.

We remain committed to protecting jobs in our industry and to ensuring the outcome of policy decisions does not create undue strain for business across Canada.

– The airsoft portion of Bill C-21 has been withdrawn through an amendment after persistent consultation with the CSAAA Replica Firearms Committee and Canadian airsoft groups and pushback from the sporting community.

CSAAA’s Replica Firearm Committee is continuing to consult with MPs, specifically NDP, Bloc and Liberal MPs and Senate members of the Standing Committee studying Bill C-21 to demonstrate the ramifications of not having airguns and replica firearms removed from this legislation altogether.

– Bill C-21 passed the third reading in the House of Commons to the Senate on May 18th with support from Bloc, Liberal and NDP and now it sits with the Senate.

– While CSAAA continues to meet and consult heavily with members of the House of Commons, Senate and respective firearm and hunting organizations, we continue to encourage our members to reach out to their MPs and members of Senate in SECD to express their business-specific concerns and displeasure with the way the legal firearm community and businesses are being treated. Please contact CSAAA for industry-specific supportive materials, contacts and assistance.


AGM &Board of Directors Elections

Voting members have received a voting link in their inbox to vote for our new board of directors. If you have not received this link, please email [email protected].

Voting will be open until 12:01 AM EST Tuesday, June 20th, following our Annual General Meeting on Monday, June 19th, at 1 PM EST via Zoom.

CSAAA is comprised of an elected, volunteer board of industry stakeholders so devoted to the hunting and firearms industry that they donate countless hours and resources, ensuring these businesses maintain a regular presence and strong voice at Parliament.         

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