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Bill C-21 recently passed through the House of Commons and is now before the Senate. The Senate represents the final step before a bill becomes law, and it is our responsibility to ensure that our industry’s interests are well-represented during this crucial phase.

While it is highly unlikely for the Senate to defeat a bill, they do possess the authority to make amendments, which can significantly impact the final legislation.

The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association has actively been engaging with members of the Senate to provide advice and recommendations against the proposed handgun, air rifle, and semi-automatic firearm prohibitions. We have emphasized the potential adverse consequences of these regulations on our economy, industry, hunters, indigenous communities, and small rural areas.

We are pleased to report that we have had numerous meetings with members of the Senate, particularly with those who align with more liberal viewpoints. These discussions have been constructive and have allowed us to gain their attention and understanding of the complexities involved in our industry.

As we continue to meet and consult with these Senators and members of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence (SECD), we remain steadfast in our commitment to advocate for as many “wins” as possible for our industry. Our primary objectives include reopening avenues for the handgun industry and the removal of restrictions on air rifles, along with a cautious approach to any anti-firearm regulations.

We have many busy months ahead, but we are determined to protect and promote the interests of our members. We believe in the importance of maintaining a thriving and responsible firearms industry that aligns with the principles of safety, legality, and the rights of law-abiding citizens.

We encourage all CSAAA members to stay informed and involved. We have information and resources for contacting the Senate at:

Please reach out to Jenn at [email protected] for any assistance on drafting your letters.

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