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Over the weekend, the RCMP’s business web services portal went offline once again. This is still a frequent occurrence, and its impact is deeply felt across the Canadian hunting and firearm sector. When these outages take place during weekends or after regular business hours, the consequences are severe.

These legal firearm businesses are unable to conduct gun sales because they cannot access the necessary reference numbers via the website. The financial losses incurred by these stores when this service disruption occurs are substantial, reaching thousands upon thousands of dollars each time.

However, the repercussions extend beyond the financial realm. Numerous customers who can only visit these stores on weekends due to their own work schedules and commitments rely on timely access to firearms for hunting. When these interruptions disrupt their access, it not only hampers their ability to pursue their hunting activities but also has a broader impact on the hunting and firearm community.

The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association believes that it is imperative to implement weekend and after-hours call services to address this pressing issue.

We maintain that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that their regulations are not just well-crafted but also practical and functional. The present situation falls short of this standard, and we must advocate for meaningful change.

We are acutely aware that businesses within the firearm and hunting industry are already navigating numerous challenges within the existing regulatory environment. These businesses often find their inventories targeted for political reasons, adding another layer of complexity to their operations.

We implore concerned businesses and citizens to join us in this effort. We urge you to reach out to your Member of Parliament, to articulate the gravity of this issue, and to request their support in encouraging the necessary changes in service provision.

We will continue to work towards a solution that supports and promotes these businesses so that they can continue to operate and meet the needs and interests of hunters and firearm enthusiasts throughout Canada.

Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association

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